The Troubles Permanent Disablement Payment Scheme

The Victims’ Payments Board was established in February 2021. The Board is headed by a President appointed by the Lord Chief Justice, and will consist of a number of members including legal, medical and ordinary members. The purpose of the Board is to determine applications under the Troubles Permanent Disablement Payment Scheme (also referred to as the Victims’ Payments Scheme). Members will also have responsibility as members of the Victims’ Payments Board to assist the President with corporate governance responsibilities such as policy development, financial and risk management. 

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We are currently experiencing delays in answering calls to the VPB contact number. We appreciate your patience in this matter. Please be advised, you can also contact us by emailing

Applicants to the Scheme are reminded that it is not necessary to seek additional information from Health Trusts, GPs, Police, PRONI, etc in support of their application – this is because the Victims’ Payments Board has arrangements in place to formally request this information, as required. We will however require the basic details requested on the application form to include incident date, location and description.

If you require support or financial advice during any stage of your application please visit the Support Services page for information on the organisations that can offer assistance.

When submitting an application to the Scheme, applicants should only include supporting information they currently hold.

Please be advised that members of the Victims’ Payments Board (VPB) Administration team, may be required to contact you by phone throughout the application process.

Calls from VPB will be from a withheld number and staff will always ask a minimum of 3 security questions, to ensure they are speaking with the right person. This includes, address, postcode and date of birth.

If you are concerned that the caller may not be from the Victims’ Payments Board, please always ask that they confirm your VPB No. to enable you to identify the call is legitimate.