Guidance to Applicants

The Victims’ Payments Board (VPB) wants to make the procedure for applying for, and processing of, applications to the Troubles Permanent Disablement Payment Scheme (the Scheme) as simple and straight-forward as possible (within the requirements of the legislation).  You will find some details on the Scheme set out below.  We advise all applicants to read the full procedural guidance and assessment of degree of disablement  before starting an application. 

Eligibility Criteria

To be entitled to a payment under the Scheme an application must meet all of the following criteria:

  • the injury (either physical or psychological) was as a result of a Troubles-related incident and has resulted in permanent disablement;
  • the assessed degree of disablement as a result of the Troubles-related injury is not less than 14%;
  • the Troubles-related incident in which the injury was sustained took place:
    • in the United Kingdom (UK), or
    • anywhere in Europe at a time when you were:
      a)  British Citizen
      b)  born in Northern Ireland (NI) and having, at the time of birth, at least one parent who is a British Citizen, an Irish citizen or is otherwise entitled to reside in NI,
      c)  outside the UK in service of the Crown, or  
      d) an accompanying close relative of a person serving outside the UK in service of the Crown, and
  • the Troubles-related incident in which the injury was sustained took place on or after 1 January 1966, but before 12 April 2010.

For the purposes of this Scheme, an injury may only be considered to be caused by a Troubles-related incident if it was suffered by that person when:

a) present at a Troubles-related incident
b) present in the immediate aftermath of a Troubles-related incident in which a loved one died or suffered an injury. This includes a time when a loved one was in the same condition as they would have been at the scene of a Troubles-related incident
c) responding, in the course of employment, to a Troubles-related incident, in which the person reasonably believed a loved one had died or suffered significant injury. This includes preventing, mitigating or otherwise addressing the incident. Employment also includes service of the Crown. 

You can also apply on behalf of someone who was injured, but has since died, if you are the deceased's spouse, civil partner, co-habiting partner or a carer of the Deceased.

How to apply

You will be able to apply to the Scheme in the following ways:

  • Using the on-line portal
  • By downloading an application form
  • By requesting a hard copy application form

When applying, you should complete the relevant application form and provide whatever relevant information you hold in support of your application.  Don’t worry if you don’t have much supporting information, you should submit your application anyway; the VPB has developed arrangements with a number of organisations to request relevant information on your behalf.  

You should provide the following information for each incident:

  • Date
  • Location
  • Description
  • Details of your presence
  • How the incident meets troubles-related incident criteria

If this information is not provided the Scheme will need to make further contact with you to request this and your application may be delayed.

Full details on how to make an application and access the on-line portal will be included on this website in due course.

Assistance with your application

You should not require the services of a paid representative such as a Solicitor or a claims management company to complete and submit an application.  If you choose paid representation, the cost will not be met by the VPB and you will be liable to pay these costs yourself.  A number of organisations have appointed Welfare Advisers who will be able to provide free advice on the applications process for the Scheme, and assist you with completion of the application form, if required.  You can find the details of these organisations here.   You can also contact the Victims and Survivors Service for help with contacting these organisations.

How we will process your application

Applications will generally follow the same broadly similar path.  Upon receipt, we will acknowledge your application and provide you with a case reference number which you should use when contacting the VPB.  The VPB will check that all the required information has been provided and may contact other organisations to confirm the details of the Troubles-related incident referred to in the application. As appropriate, the case will then be submitted to an assessing Health Care Professional. The VPB will make a determination (decision) on eligibility and, if appropriate, amount of award.

Applicants will have 12 months from the date of the notice of determination to appeal if they do not accept the decision of the VPB.  Further details on this overall process are set out in the procedural guidance.

Victims' Payments Board: Guidance Notes

The Victims' Payments Board has published the following Guidance Notes: