The Victims’ Payments Board will publish statistical information here that relates to the Troubles Permanent Disablement Payment Scheme.  Further statistical information will be published as the Scheme matures.

 Week Ending
Applications Received8,599
Physical Injuries Only363
Psychological Injuries Only3,778
Physical and Psychological4,601
Cases received from outside NI609
Posthumous Cases334
Priority Cases*635
Total Determinations made by the Panel1,645
Total payments made to applicants£ 48,575,681.88
Total Appeals204


*The approach to be adopted by the Victims’ Payments Board in prioritising the assessment of applications to the Troubles Permanent Disablement Payment Scheme is as follows:-


a) Terminal Illness In accordance with Regulation 11(3), the Victims’ Payments Board will prioritise applications if the applicant indicates on their application that they have a terminal illness (by selecting ‘Yes’ to the question ‘Does the Applicant/ Beneficiary suffer from a terminal illness?’). For the purposes of the Regulations a person is “terminally ill” at any time if at that time the person suffers from a progressive disease and the person’s death in consequence of that disease can reasonably be expected within 12 months. In accordance with published application guidance, applicants will be required to provide documentary evidence of being terminally ill – such evidence could be a letter from their GP or hospital doctor / consultant. If this supporting information is not provided with the application, the VPB will make efforts to obtain this from the applicant. Failure to provide such evidence could result in prioritisation being removed and the application being returned to the normal process for considering applications on a ‘date received’ basis. 


b) Age of Applicant In accordance with Regulation 11(1) and having regard to the criteria set out in Regulation 11(2), the Victims’ Payments Board have decided to prioritise applications in which the applicant is age 80 years or over. If an applicant reaches the age of 80 years during the processing of an application, the Victims’ Payments Board will take steps to prioritise the application.