Making an Application

Before making an application to the Troubles Permanent Disablement Payment Scheme, it is recommended that you read the procedural guidance and assessment of degree of relevant disablement. You should also review the applicant checklist to ensure that you have correctly completed the application and included all the required information.

We understand that making an application may be difficult for you.  A family member, friend or colleague may be able to provide you with support.  You can also access further support services to assist with completion of the application form or to discuss your health and wellbeing needs.

Please note, you do not need a paid representative such as a solicitor or claims management company to apply to this Scheme.  If you choose paid representation, the Victim’s Payments Board cannot meet the cost of this and you will have to pay these costs yourself.

You should only submit one application to the Scheme, and should include details of all the Troubles-related incidents that you consider are relevant for your application, along with details of the resulting permanent injuries sustained.

There are a number of ways you can apply to this Scheme.

Online application

This is our preferred means of receiving applications as it is quicker, reduces the risk of your details going missing (for example, in the post) and also reduces any potential difficulties in reading handwriting, etc. when the application is being processed.

Online applications are available for all applicants by clicking the button below:

Start application

There are three separate application flows available on the portal.  You should select the flow that best fits with your particular circumstances:-

  1. Apply as the victim
  2. Apply on behalf of the victim / beneficiary as their representative
  3. Apply on behalf of a deceased victim (and you are the beneficiary)

Each of the online application flows facilitate the uploading of supporting information that you may wish to submit along with your application.

Guidance notes on completion of online applications have been published, along with a short explanatory note on when you should use each applications flow.  We would recommend that you read this guidance before you commence your application.  The guidance will tell you what information you should provide at each section of the form, along with some tips on supporting information that could be included, if you have it.

Paper application

If you prefer, a paper application form is available.  This is a single paper application form that covers for all various application flows.  You can either:

  • print this, and complete a handwritten version, or
  • type the details on to the boxes on the form, and then save / print it.

Alternatively, you can request the Victims’ Payments Board to send out a hard copy of the paper application form by emailing us at or calling us on 0300 200 7808.  If you ask for a hard copy application, we will also send out the relevant guidance notes.

Guidance notes are available for the paper application form.  Again, we recommend that you read these before starting to complete the paper application form.

Once completed you should send your application form and supporting information to:

PO Box 2305

What happens next?

Upon receipt, the application will be checked to ensure that you have provided all of the required information and the necessary supporting materials to the Victims’ Payments Board.

Once your application has been verified we will then process it in line with the procedural guidance.