About us

The Victims’ Payments Board was established in February 2021. The Board is headed by a President appointed by the Lord Chief Justice, and will consist of a number of members including legal, medical and ordinary members. The purpose of the Board is to determine applications under the Troubles Permanent Disablement Payment Scheme (also referred to as the Victims’ Payments Scheme). Members will also have responsibility as members of the Victims’ Payments Board to assist the President with corporate governance responsibilities such as policy development, financial and risk management.


Under Section 10 of the Northern Ireland Act 2019, the UK Government was required to bring forward legislation providing for a scheme of payments to those living with injuries sustained in Troubles/Conflict-related incidents.

The Victims’ Payment Regulations 2020 were duly laid before Parliament on 31 January by NIO. The Scheme established by these Regulations is to be known as the Troubles Permanent Disablement Payment Scheme. The Executive Office (TEO) is responsible for taking forward the implementation of the Victims’ Payment Regulations 2020.

On the 24 August 2020, TEO designated the Department of Justice (DoJ) to exercise the administrative functions of the Victims’ Payment Board on the Board’s behalf.

Purpose of the Scheme

To provide those living with permanent disablement (either physical or psychological) caused by injury through no fault of their own in a Troubles -related incident with payments primarily in acknowledgement of the acute harm which they have suffered.

The Scheme will also provide a measure of recognition of the implications of living with a permanent disablement caused by a serious Troubles-related injury and the associated impact of such disablement on carers often family members) and recognition that in many cases coping with disablement caused by the serious injury had an adverse impact on individuals and their families.